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Conference on Recombinant Protein Production

Un evento intitolato "Conference on Recombinant Protein Production" si terrà il 2015-04-22 a Palma (Mallorca), Spain


VirusThis conference series is focused on the comparative view of problems and solutions related to recombinant protein production across different hosts, with special emphasis in comparative physiology among microbial and higher eukaryotic platforms.
The 8th conference in the RPP series will build on the success of previous meetings, which have steadily attracted an increasing number of researchers from both academia and the bioprocessing industry, facing continuous new challenges in this area.

The meeting will focus on four major topics and emerging trends in recombinant protein production of industrial relevance: cell engineering for recombinant protein production in the era of synthetic biology and systems metabolic engineering; protein folding, trafficking and secretion; host physiology under bioprocess conditions; biofabrication of complex protein structures.

Stream 1 – Host physiology under RPP conditions
Stream 2 – Cell engineering for RPP
Stream 3 – RPP processes at industrial scale
Stream 4 – Biofabrication of complex protein structures

Quando e dove

Inizio: 22/04/2015
Fine: 24/04/2015

Palma (Mallorca) , Spain

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